Textile Traditions (Tradtex) is a stable and reliable player in the Russian textile and home fabric market. Despite a recent rise in competition in the textile market our company managed to create a distinct and unique style in the market for bed linen. Many of our styles have become instantly recognizable across all regions of Russia.  We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of high quality fabrics in Europe and Eurasia.

 The main company directive is the production and sale of: 

  • Cotton printed fabric "Byaz" 150 см or 220 см wide with a density of 125 g/м2;
  • Cotton printed fabric "Poplin" with a density of 118 g/m2;
  •  Printed Waffle fabric 150 см wide


Our combination of high quality fabric, reasonable prices and diverse collection of designs makes our product desirable to many different customers.

 Our team of professional designers strive to create new designs that are in tune with current fashion and market demand. Our team also has the ability to create new designs based on the  individual needs and desires of our customer.

 It is important to note that one of our main priorities is maintaining customer relationships, meaning we can cater our production and produce specific products based on individual needs

 Delivery can be made upon request if the product is in stock, for the comfort of our clients the product can be arranged to be picked up from our factory or our warehouse at “Tekstil'- Grad”.