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       The fabric finishing enterprise, Textile Traditions (Tradtex) is a manufacturing complex situated in Ivanovo city, based in a former factory of Dzerzhinsky. In 2003 after the reconstruction and large scale modernization with the installation of high tech line bleaching, fabric widening, printing and drying machines, the factory became the new standard in the market sector. Today the manufacturing complex occupies more than 11300m2. 
 We strive to preserve the traditions of Ivanovo textile production while improving on proven methods through the introduction of new discoveries in the field of textile chemistry, resource management and energy conservation, construction of specific facilities and bold new designs.

 Production at  Textile Tradition (Tradtex) is highly automated, aimed at producing consistent high quality cotton, linen and mixed fabrics that meet the demands of today's modern consumers. Our products are intended for sewing bed linen, shirts, dresses, bathroom accessories, gift and interior products for home, restaurants and hotels.


The introduction of new technologies have improved preparation of the fabric to be colored, printed and dyed to improve the finish and provide a higher quality product.

The application of the straightened canvas finishing technology during the cold bleach as well as during the jigger process of manufacturing eliminates various forms of hidden defects, for example: bleaching in the bundle. The delicate chemical treatment of the fabric contributes to the strength properties of the material. This not only increases the longevity of the product but is also critical for the sewing process. During the bleaching process; high temperatures and chemicals remove contaminants that could prevent the effective consolidation of dyes. One of the main contaminants removed during this process is wax. In addition there is a discoloration of a so called “tick”, which falls from cotton boll during the process of cleaning. Bleaching also removes natural dyes in the cotton which otherwise would give it a brown color.

 For fabric printing there are two STORK machines installed, which are capable of printing finished fabric between 1500mm and 2200mm wide. Rotary printing technology is used in conjunction with mesh patterns during the fabric printing process, using equipment from world famous manufacturers and high quality imported pigments and textile auxiliaries. During the tempшаблоны 2erature treatment process, network structures are formed within the fabric that hold the pigment in place. 

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   шторк тканьAfter the phased printing process, the fabric is subjected to further finishing processes. The fabric passes through a modern automated drying and tensioning stabilization line, ELITEX, which fixes the dye in place and in the subsequent processes of calendering provides the fabric with shine and softness. The final stage of the fabric finishing process is the grading of the fabric through specific rejection- measuring machines. The printed rolls of fabric are sent to the warehouse and are ready for shipment to customers.

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 Our professional designers will provide you with expert service to help you bring your ideas to life on our fabric. We use a wide variety of technologies to help create sketches for you. Modern printing using mesh patterns and numerous pigment compositions are used to create a wide variety of colors and varying complexity of patterns. In many ways our unique and colorful designs are what sets  Textile Traditions (Tradtex) apart from our competitors as can be seen by our numerous victories in “The best fabric of the year”

 The complex process we undertake, and you enjoy, provides a high quality and inexpensive fabric.

Diplomas and awards

Лучший экспортер 2011
The best Exporter 2011
Лучший экспортер 2011
The best fabric of the year 2010
Лучший экспортер 2011
The best fabric of the year 2011
Лучший экспортер 2011
The best fabric of the year 2012


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