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We at  Textile Traditions (Tradtex) produce printed and dyed fabrics: cotton printed fabric  150cm and 220cm wide and printed waffle fabric 150 cm wide.

Items Weave Constructions Width (cm) Density (g/m2) Lendth per roll (m)
Cotton printed fabric, "Byaz", art.125 Plain 20*20/60*40 150 125 42
Cotton printed fabric, "Byaz", art.120/220 Plain 20*20/60*40 220 125 33

Cotton printed fabric, "Poplin"

Plain 30*30/71*71 220 118 33
Printed waffle fabric Waffle 20*12/62*42 150 160 50

Minimum order quantity for shipping – 1000 m of item.

If necessary the fabric can be packaged in a half sleeve. The cost of packaging is 10 kopecks/ m

Delivery term: FCA Ivanovo, Russia

Payment term: 100% advance or Leterr of Credit

Our fabric is 100% cotton. Our product safety has been certified.

504-2 Сатин коричневый знакПрованс-Итог знак

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 For the production of our fabrics we only use imported resistant dyes. We guarantee that our production methods allow us to produce a higher quality fabric than our competitors. This is confirmed by tests in our laboratories and our numerous competitive wins. Our design collection created by our professional artists meets current trends and is able to satisfy the different tastes of consumers . We invite you to browse through our catalog.




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